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This Sitemap contains descriptive links to every content page on the Web-Wise-Wizard Website. You can use this Sitemap as an alternative method of navigating the site and we are aware that a percentage of our users prefer this method of navigation. The Sitemap also improves Accessibility for machine readers, search engines, etc.

The Sitemap has been dynamically generated by a server-side program that searches the site directories for content pages and then extracts selected information from each of the content pages it finds. Because of this process, the Sitemap is a totally accurate reflection of the information contained in our content pages, at the time the Sitemap was generated. The program is a CGI program written by Gilbert Hadley in August 2005, using the Perl programming language.

We have identified four different uses for this Sitemap. The first is the traditional usage for a Sitemap and that is to provide our users with an alternative means of navigating the Site. The second is to provide machine readers with descriptive links to all our pages which should assist and improve Accessibility. The third is to provide search engines with a definitive, descriptive list of all our pages to facilitate their easy 'crawling' of the Site. The final usage is as an administrative one in that in 'admin mode', the page provides us with a visual, comparative check of the 'hidden' META information contained in our content pages.


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Many users prefer to link directly to individual content pages on Web-Wise-Wizard. If you would like to do this then we have provided the following HTML/CSS link script which you can copy and paste directly into your HTML editor. Alternatively, you might like to use our New Dynamic Link Generator to create a link that more fully meets your own particular requirements.

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Web-Wise-Wizard - Dynamically Generated Sitemap This sitemap contains accurate descriptive links to every content page. It can be used as an alternative method of navigation or to improve Accessibility for machine readers, search engines, etc.

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