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Online Privacy Policy

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Online Privacy ...

This is a Privacy Statement for the Web-Wise-Wizard Website. In line with modern practice, we want our users to be aware of any information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it. We believe that privacy is important to the success and use of the Internet and we respect our users privacy rights. We are committed to providing a secure online environment for our users.

Site Logs

Our Web server records information about every HTTP request made to it. This is usual 'industry standard' practice and no personal information is captured or recorded. In this context, HTTP requests are requests made by web browsers to our Web server for Web pages and associated page images, etc. and this information is logged for later use by our site statistics program. Information collected does include users IP Addresses and session information such as the duration of visits, types of browser, platform, etc., but this information is only used for system administration purposes including the elimination of errors on the Website.

Personal Information

The Web-Wise-Wizard Website does not currently attempt to gather any sort of personal information in any form (including email addresses). Because we do not gather any personal information we are not able to disclose any such information to any third-parties.


In this context, cookies are small pieces of information that record user preferences and are stored on the users hard-drive by one of our Web pages, for later retrieval and use by our Web pages.

The only page on the Web-Wise-Wizard Website that stores and retrieves cookie information is our 'Online Melody Player' page which stores the current menu of melodies so that the next time the page is loaded it retrieves this information to ensure that the same melodies are not included in the subsequent menu selection.

Links To Other Websites

The Web-Wise-Wizard Website contains links to other Websites. This Privacy Statement only covers the Web-Wise-Wizard Website and in view of this, users should be aware that this Privacy Statement no longer applies when they visit other Websites. It is the users responsibility to ensure that they read the privacy policy of other Websites they visit.

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Scripting Errors

There can be few things that are more annoying to a user than to visit a site and be presented with scripting error windows popping up when they are loading or viewing a page. Scripting errors can occur on all types of Websites ranging from an individual's Home Page right through to large commercial sites. Expert scripting and careful testing can reduce the number of scripting errors to a minimum but every web page that contains JavaScript scripts is a risk of throwing a scripting error for reasons that are often beyond the reasonable control of the developer.

To combat this situation we have developed a system that traps any scripting errors that may occur on a page and then sends details of these errors back to the Web server where they are recorded for later investigation by the developer. This process should be invisible to the user who will not be presented with a scripting error popup although, because of the error, some aspect of the page may not work correctly. We do not attempt to gather any sort of personal information and any information we gather relates only to the error itself and to the system upon which the error occurred.

Anyone who is 'JavaScript savvy' can view the page source of any of our pages and confirm the following list of information gathered.

this information is collected on the browser side

  1. 1.   The Web address of the page that caused the error.
  2. 2.   The line number of the page that caused the error.
  3. 3.   An application-generated description of the error.
  4. 4.   The type of application (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer).
  5. 5.   The application version string which is provided by the application.
  6. 6.   The user agent string which again, is provided by the application.

this information is collected on the server side

  1. 7.   The IP address of the users computer.
  2. 8.   The date GMT and time GMT the error occurred.

Hopefully, this system will enable us to fine tune our pages to the point where we virtually eliminate all scripting errors.

Notification of Changes

Any changes to the Web-Wise-Wizard Privacy Statement will be notified on this page.

Do You Have A Website?

Many Websites do not publish an On-line Privacy Policy or Site Privacy Statement but the overwhelming view is that if you want your Website to be taken seriously then it should contain a Privacy Statement outlining your site privacy policy. If you intend to start trading on-line, then a Privacy Statement becomes essential and you should also consider having it Certified by a third-party service who specializes in this field.

Because Web-Wise-Wizard specializes in helping Website owners we have provided the following links that we found useful when we were formulating our own Privacy Policy. There are several links to other site privacy statements which you can use as examples to study and there are also links to on-line services that help you to formulate a correct site privacy policy.

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