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This useful utility allows you to enter your search term once and then submit the query to a variety of different search engines. It is particularly useful for comparing the results from the major indices like Google, Yahoo! Search and MSN Search. It is also interesting to check the results from some of the smaller specialist, but still significant search engines. The search engines featured here all provide 'best of the Web' results and we have avoided 'search engines' that are primarily 'pay for inclusion' advertising portals. In spite of this, most search engines now include some 'sponsored listings' as a method of generating revenue and this is particularly true of the meta search engines.

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Type in or copy/paste a valid URL into the input bar below and then load the target page into a brand new browser window. Very useful if you have several browser windows open and you do not want to lose the contents of any of them.

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We have provided the following range of search engine related links, all with an emphasis on preparing your site for submission and then submitting your site for inclusion in the major indices. Whatever happens do not submit your site to any given search engine index more than once a month because they will come and check your site out anyway and your site might get flagged if you submit too often. Instead, concentrate on creating pages that are rich in textual information, every page should tell a story and be rich in description and detail. It is as well to limit each page to concentrate on one subject and you should build the page around targeted keywords. Make sure that your page contains links to other relevant sites and work hard to get other sites to link to all your pages.

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Many users prefer to link directly to individual content pages on Web-Wise-Wizard. If you would like to do this then we have provided the following HTML/CSS link script which you can copy and paste directly into your HTML editor. Alternatively, you might like to use our New Dynamic Link Generator to create a link that more fully meets your own particular requirements.

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Web-Wise-Wizard - Multiple Search Made Easy Enter your search query once and then submit to 21 different search engines. Use for comparing the results from the major indices like Google, Yahoo! and MSN, plus a variety of smaller search engines.

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