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The Internet: TCP/UDP Services List

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Ports And Services ...

Would you like to know about the low level services that Internet servers can provide or find out which Port a particular service should run on?  Get a feel for the 'nuts and bolts' of the TCP/UDP protocols and their corresponding communication Ports with this tutorial and Services List.

If the information on this page looks a bit like a foreign language to you need not worry because it does to most people. It is just a big long list of networking information that is normally only of use if you are a firewall administrator, a network monitor, a programmer, a student of the Internet or you are setting-up an Internet server and you have some understanding of the TCP/IP protocol.

TCP Protocols Used ...

Not to be confused with Internet Protocols (i.e. The 'IP' in TCP/IP).

TCP Transmission Control Protocol. A Host-to-Host protocol that is an alternative to UDP. Considered reliable, is a virtual circuit, sequences and acknowledges all packets. Used by Telnet and FTP protocols.
UDP User Datagram Protocol. A Host-to-Host protocol that is an alternative to TCP. Considered unreliable, is unsequenced, has a low overhead. Used by TFTP and NFS protocols as well as any protocol that relies on broadcasts.

The Services List

A Port is a TCP/IP server communications port and this list of the more popular services and port numbers are pure TCP (many will think of them as pure UNIX) and most people will have little understanding of them. Like it or not TCP/IP has now won the World networking protocols race and whereas TCP/IP was previously native to the UNIX and Linux operating systems it has now becoming native to the Novell and Microsoft operating systems as well.

The well known ports are assigned by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) in the range of 0 to 1023 and as an example, many of you will have come across Port 80 (the Web Server Port) or Port 21 (the FTP Server Port) but most of you will be unlikely to have come across many of the others. Incidentally, a URL and a Port number, separated by a colon, is called a 'Socket' (e.g., and many of you may have heard this term without understanding it's meaning.


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Web-Wise-Wizard - TCP/UDP Services List Learn the low level services that Internet servers can provide or find out which Port a particular service should run on? Primarily of use to firewall administrators, network monitors or programmers.

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