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Photoshop Text Assignment

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I have always been fascinated by fancy, graphical text effects and this assignment really opened my eyes to the endless possibilities available in Photoshop, for creating all sorts of special text effects. This assignment required me to create a spoof paperback book cover and I was so impressed with the results that I ended up creating six different book covers. You can judge the different text effects on these covers for yourself.

This was probably my favourite assignment, so much so that I produced a quantity of different covers. I am only showing six of the covers here and you can view each of these covers by clicking on the different Tabs. All the covers have the theme 'The British Countryside' which was one of the four categories specified on the course. It amazes me how many different text effects you can achieve in Photoshop and I have only just begun to scratch the surface. I have been using Photoshop 7 and I know that the available text effects have been greatly expanded in comparison to earlier versions of the program. This assignment received the maximum grade.


General Notes ...

  1. Tab-1:  I submitted two book covers for this assignment, this one and the blue cover on Tab-5, because they demonstrated different techniques. This cover was the primary submission and it has been a great success from the beginning. Neither of the assignments had the raised border around them when they were submitted.
  2. Tab-2:  This cover 'works' fine but I would want to spend more time on the detail if it was required for a greater purpose. It was not submitted as part of the assignment.
  3. Tab-3:  This is another cover that was not submitted as part of the assignment but it's theme does appear to arouse a primeval interest in some people. Because of the theme, I have had several people telling me tales about large cats living in the wild and wanting to discuss the subject with me. By this yardstick it must be an effective book cover.
  4. Tab-4:  In my opinion, this cover works extremely well but again, I would want to spend a little more time on the detail if it was required for a greater purpose. It was not part of the submitted assignment.
  5. Tab-5:  This was the second cover I submitted for the assignment and the reason I submitted it was because it demonstrates a variety of different techniques to those used on the Tab-1 cover. I personally think that it is a very good cover and is likely to have been awarded the maximum grade had it been submitted for the assignment by itself.
  6. Tab-6:  This is a variation on the backdrop of the Tab-3 'large cats' cover. Instead of being menacing it suggests a cat lovers tale and stars my own cat 'Lucky', who at this moment is fast asleep next to me, no doubt dreaming of his next starring role.

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Web-Wise-Wizard - Photoshop Text Effects This assignment required me to create a spoof paperback book cover and it really opened my eyes to the endless possibilities there are for creating all sorts of special text effects in Photoshop.

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