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Photoshop - Techniques/Tips/Tricks

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Rabbit Family Night Out ...

These pictures demonstrate how you can use Photoshop effects to turn a cartoon of a Happy Bunny into a Rabbit Family Night Out. Start by creating a mask of the bunny so that you can give the subject a transparent background. This image is the first layer of your new picture. Then Colorize the bunny image and add the background Drop Shadow and Outer Glow effects. Next, increase the Canvas Size to the size required for the new picture and create a second layer for a new background containing a yellow to white graded draw.

Then duplicate the bunny layer three times to create the four bunny images which should be individually scaled and positioned, and then add the brush stroke that suggests the edge of a theatre box.

Happy Bunny Original Picture Rabbit Family Night Out Picture


Paint Job Selector ...

You take your motor car into the paint shop for a respray but you cannot make up your mind what color you want the car to be sprayed. This Paint Job Selector might just help you to make up your mind. The salesman in the paint shop loads a photograph of the same model of car as yours from an image library and you then compare the different colors until you make up your mind.

Pegasus Photographs
Blue   Red   Green   Brown   Purple   Black

Snarling Panther ...

I first created this effect using a Photoshop Layer Mask and when the picture was displayed on a computer screen (an RGB device) the effect was great. However, when the picture was printed on an HP color laser printer (a CMYK device) the effect was ghastly. The picture was full of strange objects and ghosting effects which made the picture unacceptable. This problem appears to be a feature of Photoshop Layer Masks on black backgrounds.

Snarling Panther

I still needed to create the effect of a menacing black panther appearing from a totally blackened area of shadow and without any of the body of the panther showing so I started by creating a second background layer with a 100% black fill. I then created a rough mask around the head area and whiskers and then deleted this outer area so that the black background was visible instead of the various panther body parts.

I then used a Photoshop Quick Mask to create a mask of the eyes, nose and mouth area which I copied to a new layer. The main image contained a lot of brown coloring and this brown coloring created a rather poor effect when displayed against the 100% black background. I dealt with this problem by converting the panther image to black and white (grayscale) and the effect improved dramatically. I then made the layer that contained the original eyes, nose and mouth area visible and the picture improved even more.

I was then left with the onerous and tedious task of removing the remains of the original background and unwanted panther body parts from around the panther's head area and whiskers. This took some considerable time but I think that the final result justified the effort. I will leave you to judge this for yourself.


Pussy Cat Transformed ...

This glamourous little lady's name is 'Toots' and she stayed with us while her owner Ray was on holiday in Spain. She is the size of a large kitten but in fact she is a miniature breed of cat and is five years old. She can be temperamental and hates my larger male cat 'Lucky'. I took her photograph and as you can see it is a very poor snap in photographic terms but Photoshop rescued the situation and I was pleased with the transformation.

Pussy Cat Montage

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Web-Wise-Wizard - Photoshop Techniques and Tips This page explains a variety of techniques that could be of use to other users. Of particular interest is the Paint Job Selector that uses JavaScript to display different motor car color paint jobs.

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