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Photoshop Early Assignments

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The Early Assignments ...

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With the benefit of hindsight I now feel that these early assignments were extremely well designed but I did struggle a little at the beginning. Bitmap image editors like Photoshop are complex programs and it took me some time to become familiar with the program and it's wealth of features.

The course had good progression and started with three comparatively simple assignments that were designed to familiarise newcomers like me with some of the basic operations of Photoshop. These assignments were 1) Selection, 2) Layers and 3) Painting and for the sake of completeness I have included these early assignments here. All three of the assignments received maximum grades.


Assignment Notes ...

  • Tab-1:  This was the Selection Assignment which consisted of selecting and copying bits of fruit and vegetables from a montage provided with the course work. You then had to create this 'Melon Man' from those bits. The border and background were not part of the assignment.
  • Tab-2:  This was the Layers Assignment which consisted of creating the 'Old West' montage from various components provided with the course work. The only preparation we had to do was to extract the horse and rider image from it's original photograph. The border was not part of the assignment.
  • Tab-3:  This was the Painting Assignment which consisted of applying various painting, fills and gradient effects to the sketch of the dragon that was provided with the course work. The border was not part of the assignment.

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