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The Internet Explained

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Welcome To The Internet - Enjoy The Ride

What Is The Internet?

The Internet is a public international network of networks. It is the physical hardware and advanced cabling upon which all the associated services rely on to operate. Widely known examples of these services include email (electronic mail), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), the Web (World Wide Web), etc. You often hear terms like the 'NET' and the 'Web' used interchangeably but in your quest for knowledge it is worth taking a moment to understand the difference between the two terms.

This Internet tutorial discusses and explains the information super highway in a way that can be readily understood by students of the Internet.

The Internet has a 'peer to peer' architecture rather than a 'client/server' architecture which means that every computer connected to the Internet is theoretically equal. In turn, this means that there is no central hub or servers upon which the whole of the Internet relies and instead, the Internet uses various systems of routing to pass traffic from one computer to another. It is this feature that has allowed the Internet to grow organically during it's dramatic expansion around the World. The Internet evolved from an earlier system called ARPANET and the design of ARPANET was heavily influenced by the US Military in the 1950s, who wanted a communications system that was capable of continuing to operate after a nuclear attack.

Understanding DNS ...

DNS (Domain Name Service) is an service that runs on the Internet but it is not a true Internet service. Although the DNS system has three levels and is relatively complex, it really only does one simple job. It is a 'lookup service', perhaps comparable with a telephone directory and it takes a Domain Name (e.g. '') and looks through the appropriate DNS databases for the corresponding IP Number (e.g. ''). This process is called 'name resolution' and it is this process which bridges the gap between human users who can more easily remember textual names and computers who can only understand numbers. Surprisingly, DNS accounts for a larger amount of Internet traffic than any other Internet service, including electronic mail and the World Wide Web.

The World Wide Web ...

The World Wide Web (or Web with a capital 'W') is a relative latecomer to the Internet and it only started to gain wide popularity in the 1990s. The Web was the primary cause of the dramatic expansion of the Internet in this period and today, many people confuse the World Wide Web with the Internet. The World Wide Web is primarily a document retrieval system that runs on the Internet and users use a web browser like Microsoft's Internet Explorer to view Web pages that are stored on World Wide Web servers. A contrasting example of an Internet service is Electronic Mail which is a different Internet service that also runs on the Internet and users use an email client program like Microsoft's Outlook Express to send and receive emails.


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Web-Wise-Wizard - The Internet Explained This very useful primer provides in simple terms, an accurate explanation of the Internet, DNS and the World Wide Web and then talks about their relationship with each other. Ideal for beginners.

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