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Greetings from Liverpool - International Music Festival 2014

About This Site ...

A up to date Internet and web resource, designed to help you learn how to plan, design, build and manage your own Website. It includes discussion about modern web design principles and website design tips, all presented in a straightforward way. Written by a qualified adult teacher who specializes in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and in particular, Internet and web related subjects. The different sections include Internet, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, server side management, Perl, web graphics design and a Photoshop section detailing the assignments of an on-line Mastering Photoshop course. Online tutorials, howtos and web page techniques for both webmasters and students alike.

The Previous Site ...

If you have arrived at this page looking for the previous Web-Wise-Wizard site then I have to tell you that it has finally been laid to rest. This earlier site had been very successful site and even in it's latter days it was receiving over 200/300 unique visitors per day. However, the site was nearly seven years old, dated and in desperate need of redesigning. Because of the dramatic advances in web design, many of the 500 pages needed updating, rewriting or discarding and so I decided that it was time for this battle-scarred survivor of the browser wars to end it's days.

In spite of the fact that the site had been down for over a year, it continued to receive hits for many of the individual pages and so, in July, 2005, I decided to relaunch this completely new Web-Wise-Wizard site, redeveloping it from the ground up. This will be an ever continuing process but the new design is now established and every page is cross-browser compatible. The pages are being produced to a far higher standard than the pages from the previous site and most pages now conform to the W3C 'xHTML 1.0 Strict' recommendations. Also, most pages also conform to W3C 'WCAG 2.0' accessibility guidelines.

This new Web-Wise-Wizard site has been created by me alone and if you encounter features that do not work correctly or are incomplete then please accept my apologies in advance. I spend a considerable amount of time working to improve the site and if you are interested in the technical aspects of the site's development, then you should read our Site Development Information page which comprehensively explains the various features of this new site.

12-July-2015:  My latest project has been to design and author a Website for a Spiritualist Church here in Linerpool, UK. The church is the Psychic Truth Society and the URL is If this subject interests you then pay a visit to this new Website. Note the new '.uk' top-level domain.

First Impressions Count ...

"you don't get a second chance to create a first impression"

This expression is so relevant that you would think that it had been coined with the Internet in mind. You see sites all across the Web that prove the expression, both good and bad examples. To a certain extent the difference is dependent upon the amount of money spent on a site. The large, comprehensive and obviously professional Websites are extremely costly to setup and run.

But if you were to ask someone like Michael Dell if he begrudged the money he spends on his Websites he would probable laugh at you with good reason, for he is reputed to be turning over 20 million dollars a day, mainly on his Websites. He has always spent money on them, even when he was just starting out in business. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the first-generation vanity sites that quite obviously started life as a practice home page and never quite lost that look and feel. These sites often look good to their authors but are generally only ever viewed by their authors, or at best by a small captive audience.

The purpose of Web-Wise-Wizard is to try to bridge the gap between the two ends of the spectrum and help site owners and web developers achieve professionally presented Websites with just a little application and effort. The World Wide Web is becoming more and more competitive and the difference between success and failure can often be a very fine line indeed.

Website Design Principles ...

The World Wide Web could well be described as a massive document retrieval system that stores and serves some 40 billion text documents. If you are planning or designing a modern Website then you need to realise that your site must appeal to two distinct groups, human users and search-engine robots. To many aspiring web authors these two groups have conflicting requirements but if your site is going to grow beyond the vanity site stage then you must learn to accommodate both sets of requirements equally.

The reasoning behind this is simple. If you create a Website that you consider to be a masterpiece of design that will appeal to human users everywhere but nobody knows about the site, then your site will not get any visitors and it will be a failure. If on the other hand you design your site to meet the requirements of search-engine robots and your pages start to get listed by the search engines, then you could start to attract thousands of visitors and your site could become a runaway success. This success can often apply to Websites that are not well designed and this is evidenced by the number of poorly designed Websites you see when you follow search engine links.

A World Wide Website ...

Our site statistical logs tell us that Web-Wise-Wizard has users (visitors) in over 105 different countries around the World. The largest number by far are located in the U.S. and the smallest statistically significant number are a small band of intrepid users who are located in Kazakhstan. Also notable are the very large number of users from the English speaking countries; the U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It would appear that today, a significant minority of our users do not speak English as a first language and what is notable is the increase in the number of users located in Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation and in particular, India. A warm welcome to one and all.

There is no doubt in my mind that the pattern of Internet usage is going to change dramatically over the next few years and one small snippet of evidence in support of this is that we have recently started receiving link exchange requests from inside the People's Republic of China. If the cost of computers and Internet technology continues to decrease and if those areas of the World that have massive populations start to take up the technology in earnest as they appear to be doing, then the size of the Internet will increase out of all proportion and the bulk of Internet usage will start to shift away from the developed countries like the U.S., the U.K. and Europe.

I am of the view that English will remain the predominant language in use on the Internet and a point to watch out for is that there are large numbers of new English speaking Websites, many of them e-commerce sites, that are now appearing on the World Wide Web. To the uninitiated they have the appearance of having been published in an English speaking country but a quick check of their Domain's Whois record reveals that many of these sites are owned and published by people located in some very exotic places outside the western world. To help users check the Domain Name and details of any Website they are unsure about we have provided a Whois Lookup facility, which is located in the right-hand column of this page.

+++ Charity Howler +++
Give a man some food and he will leave you alone for a day. Give a man an Internet connection and he will leave you alone for a month.

Site Statistics/Trends ...

If you have arrived here looking for the section 'Onwards and Upwards', which deals with the Web-Wise-Wizard site and development statistics, then because the section was continuing to expand we have promoted it to a page of it's own which can be accessed via the following link.


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Web-Wise-Wizard - Internet Developers Toolbox Learn how to plan, develop and promote your Website using modern web design principles. Written by a qualified adult teacher, it covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Internet, web graphics and Photoshop.

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